Topper ..... Jersey
Core    ..... Brushed cotton, Super Heavy Bamboo Fleece
Backer ..... ProSoft® Organic Cotton Fleece PUL


The core absorbent part of this pad is made up from a layer of brushed cotton and a layer of super heavy organic bamboo fleece (SHOBF), working together they form a regular flow pad.
Marked by the three droplets on the wing tag 💧💧💧

Making these pads suitable for both mensturation and mild incontinence.


10" Jersey, regular cloth pad

  • CSP are really easy to look after and will last for years with the right care.
    Annie Verdi cloth pads are designed to be worn with the pretty patterned side next to your skin.
    They fasten around the gusset of snug fitting underwear with a kam snap.
    After use just rinse in cold water, not hot as that can set the stain.
    Put them in the wash on your normal 30° or 40° cycle. 
    Never use fabric softener or bleach with cloth pads as it can affect the absorbency of the fabrics. 
    They can be dried in a tumble dryer on low, but are best line dried.