Hello and welcome to Annie Verdi Reusables.

We are a husband and wife team based in Liverpool. I'm Mo and my husband is Ste.
We met at Glastonbury festival in 2007, they say you always come back to what you know.


Annie was my Nan's name, I named the business after her, and Verdi is the name of the street she lived in. 
It's in Liverpool, right by the docks, and i grew up there being looked after by my Nan, while my mum was at work in a sewing factory. 
My Nan taught me how to sew, mend things, and what's now known as up-cycling.

We always re-purposed before we bought new.
We weren't a wealthy family, but just like everyone else around us, we got by just fine.


I've been aware of sustainability & environmental issues ever since I camped on the Greenfields area of Glastonbury Festival in 1984. 
Helping to build the solar showers and getting involved in the workshops and women's groups felt very natural to me.
I loved learning from people who were living sustainably and in harmony with their surroundings. 
Living like that takes time and effort, but it is so rewarding.


We created Annie Verdi in 2017 in an effort to help combat single use plastics.
Amongst the worst items was disposable sanitary towels and tampons.

Almost half of the population use these every month, 
Our reusable cloth pads offer an alternative and are all made here in the UK by us. 
We use premium quality specialist fabrics and materials, and will continue to update them as new ones are created.

We also make Eco friendly wipes, wet-bags and other accessories to compliment a zero waste lifestyle.

Our aim is to provide you with ethical alternative choices.


I'm also a Nan and so now it's my turn to show the next generation how to do the little things that make a big difference.
It's not something new just a return to more sustainable ways

If we don't then what sort of legacy are we leaving for future generations ?

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